Who am I? What is this?

1. If you happened to stumble on this site by chance, may I greet with a warm welcome!

Welcome to ‘Le Point Bleu’ (oui oui). My name is Jinseob, currently living in Namyangju (but originally from Seoul). Evidenced by the weird names, yes, I do live in South Korea, and have been here for the past 6 years after my days in Montréal.

And yes, I only write in English, only because I find it harder to express opinions in Korean. This is an English blog, and I do not see myself making posts in Korean in the near future.

I made this blog, for the same reason why many others might take up blogging. I have my own opinions about current affairs and cultural events, yet I have difficulty in openly expressing them in public. Free speech isn’t what you would call ‘socially accepted’ in South Korea. Yes, I believe some things need to be said. And at many times it is imperative that some things must be said. I usually see trivial behavior that oftens comes to the detriment of others. This is the reason why I started Le Point Bleu – to make a virtual space where opinions can flow freely, where free speech trumps censorship, and, especially, reason overwhelms blatant ignorance.

I plan on commenting on the most ridiculous of events that occur quite a lot in Seoul and South Korea in general, whether the topic may be religion (especially religion), politics, culture. Truth be told, I am quite unsure how this blog will develop, but one thing is for sure: I plan to shamelessly express my views, without the fear of getting reprimanded for saying something ‘politically incorrect’ (does this have to be a legitimate thing? Free speech is supposed to offend you – you aren’t gonna enjoy everything you hear or debate about), and especially, to be as frank as possible.

Honesty really is the best policy (for a truly critical mind).

2. Whats your political orientation?


And no, I am not one of those ‘regressive leftists.’