“Where we’re going, there are no rules.”

Questionable if anyone famous actually said that, but here at The Blue Point (Le Point Bleu), where diversity of opinion is respected, where viewpoints are debated with rational thought (and not reactionary knee-jerk sensationalist banter), and where freedom of expression is not hindered by the excessive political correctness that permeates our society today, I can safely conclude that indeed:

There are no rules.

Okay, maybe except one: keep the posts strictly **non-fiction**. This is a blog devoted to tackling the contentious issues within our society, and posting a novel or a fictional essay just wouldn’t fit in.

But you get what I mean when I say “there are no rules”: Write whatever the hell you want, share your thoughts on the issues. You can even use swear words if it so pleases you. Have controversial thoughts you might want to share? Good! Why be afraid? No moderator here is going to condemn you to the depths of Inferno. In fact, there are no moderators here at all.

If there is anything in life that is bothering you, feel free to share your stories & thoughts with us. Who knows? Maybe you’ll feel better doing so.